Spaceflight Academy Ltd (SFA) is a UK-based Spaceflight experience and aeromedical training company with 13 years of experience in the emerging commercial Space tourist industry

Our Team

Spaceflight Academy Limited’s core team of management, consultants and advisors includes Space, aerospace, aeromedical, Defence and business experts, led and inspired by Chief Executive and company co-founder Angela Richardson. The team will be expanded as the business moves towards the operational phase.

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading commercial Spaceflight and aeromedical training provider, motivated by our belief and experts’ advice that human factor aeromedical issues associated with commercial Space travel and tourism for the public are no less important than the technological challenges of sending people into Space.

Our Mission

To bring affordable, accessible, commercial Spaceflight training and adventure experiences to the public, in collaboration with industry, governments, academia and education (STEAM), for the benefit of this and future generations.

Our Project

Space is part of our lives and of everybody’s future.

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Space travel was once just a dream. Today, the Moon is no longer a mystery, Mars is revealing its secrets and hundreds of Space tourists are clutching tickets for the flights of their lives.

But boarding a flight to Space isn’t like catching a flight to LA. Participants need to be trained and fit – physiologically and psychologically – for the rigours of suborbital travel.

But where to go for that vital training, to test your fitness for purpose or even to enjoy a realistic Spaceflight experience without leaving Earth?

The answer in the UK and further afield will be Spaceflight Academy Aeromedical (SFA Aero) a unique, world-class aeromedical facility to be built at the heart of Spaceport Snowdonia, Llanbedr, North West Wales.

Designed by acclaimed international architects HKS, SFA Aero will be a state-of-the-art commercial facility for Spaceflight training and experiences, scientific, medical and academic research, plus training and R&D for aviation / aerospace, automotive, marine, and a special Defence capability.

At its core will be Desdemona NG, a unique, second generation, multi-axis, all-in-one motion simulator, spatial disorientation trainer and advanced laboratory capable of sustaining advanced G-loads.

Next door in our purpose built facility, our Hypobaric Chamber will prepare Space and aviation clients for high altitude flights by simulating the effects of hypoxia and hypobaria on cerebral functions.

Encompassing a training, research, conference, PR event and educational facility, SFA Aero will provide a unique, flexible, multi-revenue stream, flagship anchor project that will attract investment, industry, skilled jobs and tourism to help boost the economy of North West Wales.

Our extensive experience has given us a clear overview of the global Space industry, its requirements, legislative and regulatory issues, training, potential liabilities and future opportunities in the UK and around the world.


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