Civilian & Commercial Pilot Training

Our aeromedical training won’t just be for Spaceflight: we will also offer training tailored for civilian and commercial aircraft pilots, combining physiological and human factors research with sustained G-loads, using Desdemona NG’s unique capabilities.

Flight simulation is an important factor for professional pilots. It can be used in initial and recurrent training as well as for proficiency checks of flight crew that are mandated by international regulators and are standard operational procedures for aircraft operators.

Tightening national and international regulations require pilots to be more prepared in managing emergency scenarios and executing emergency procedures.


Desdemona NG will provide the most advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training
(a global requirement for commercial pilots) available, with highly realistic
motion simulation and a validated flight model

Hypobaric Chamber

Training in our AMST Hypobaric Chamber will prepare clients for high altitude flights by simulating the effects of altitude hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and hypobaria (low air pressure) on cerebral functions; this is mandatory training for astronauts and all UK military aircrew.