No other simulation device can do what Desdemona NG 7G can Do

A unique, second generation, all-in-one motion simulator, spatial disorientation trainer and advanced laboratory capable of sustaining advanced G-loads up to 7G, Desdemona NG will give Spaceflight Academy Aeromedical unparalleled capabilities and multi-revenue flexibility.

Desdemona NG's Austrian creator, AMST-Systemtechnik GmbH, a world leader in aeromedical equipment, has granted Spaceflight Academy exclusive rights to Desdemona NG and is our technology partner.

Illustrations: First generation Desdemona BV, 3.5G, at TNO Netherlands


Desdemona NG’s operational flexibility will ensure SFA Aero’s wider revenue earning potential until Space tourism gathers pacE

Desdemona NG’s configurable modular cabin will be equipped with innovative visual display systems tailor-made for SFA Aero and, when required, individual clients. Multi-revenue streams include:

  • Space and aerospace
  • Space R&D
  • Commercial aviation, fixed wing / rotary
  • Defence: Air (including fast jet) and Space
  • Automotive
  • Motorsport, including Formula 1
  • Marine (shipping, sailing etc)
  • Pharmaceutical testing and research
  • Scientific and Medical research
Desdemona action

Desdemona NG will attract UK and international organisations from a variety of disciplines to Spaceport Snowdonia to leverage the world’s most advanced simulator for competitive advantage.