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snowdonia welcomes the space age

Spaceport Snowdonia, the Space and aerospace hub to be developed at Llanbedr Airfield, Gwynedd, North West Wales, will be home to the UK’s first commercial Spaceflight aeromedical facility, Spaceflight Academy Aeromedical (SFA Aero).

Located in the Snowdonia National Park, a major tourist attraction, Spaceport Snowdonia will make Wales a European Space tourism destination.

Triple-runway Llanbedr Airfield opened in WW2 as a coastal fighter base, RAF Llanbedr and built a subsequent heritage in experimental flight testing.

Crucially, Llanbedr Airfield benefits from access to segregated airspace and is the only one of four potential UK horizontal Spaceports that is not and will not be operationally restricted by existing infrastructures or hosting commercial scheduled air travel.

It is a blank canvas for development of a Spaceport.

A space and aerospace hub

Another key differentiation is that, with the support of the Welsh Government, Spaceport Snowdonia is being developed as a flexible and multi-use hub for Space and aerospace related research, development, testing and evaluation, training and satellite launch.

Spaceflight Academy is a member of a UK Space Agency-backed consortium, led by airfield owner Snowdonia Aerospace LLP and including fellow Space-related businesses Newton Launch Systems and B2Space, working to take Spaceport Snowdonia from concept to operational reality.

key benefits

  • Three operational runways to military specification
  • Low population density within one mile
  • Direct flight over sea
  • No competing commercial traffic
  • High air slot availability
  • Access to segregated airspace
  • Rail connection to site
  • 50-year legacy of supporting test and evaluation of unmanned flight systems
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Designed by HKS Architects as an impressive gateway attraction for visitors to Spaceport Snowdonia, Spaceflight Academy Aero’s cutting edge facility will include innovative and interactive ways to engage and inspire the public for a ‘whole Space experience’. This fully immersive, compelling and exciting environment will support, encourage and promote the development of Space and commercial Space tourism.

To intensify the feeling of becoming a real astronaut, the facility will offer a range of inspirational and aspirational preferences for all aspects of the Spaceflight experience.

So, Spaceflight Academy Aero will cater not only for those who intend to fly into Space, either suborbital or, in the longer-term, orbital, but also for those who simply want to experience the physical and mental challenges of our rigorous Space-based training programmes, or an earth-based Spaceflight experience.