Spaceflight Training


Spaceflight Academy Aeromedical will prepare clients for the extreme environment of suborbital flight by progressive medical and physiological screening and training.

We believe that familiarisation with and training for correct responses to this environment are vital to assure safety for all on board a Spacecraft and to maximise the ‘customer experience’.

Our aeromedical experts recognised that Spaceflight training from an in-depth aeromedical perspective must be an integral part of commercial Space travel and that clients will need to be medically fit and physically prepared for the extreme environment of Space. So we developed unique syllabuses, training modules and medical screening procedures.

Our dedicated training facility at Spaceport Snowdonia will help our clients grow in talent, skills and confidence before heading into suborbital Space as capable and fit potential astronauts, fully prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

SFA’s commercial Space tourism familiarisation training experiences / programmes, centred on Desdemona NG, the world’s most advanced motion simulator, and a Hypobaric chamber, have three main aims:

Train participants to respond correctly to this environment to ensure their safety and to maximise the enjoyment and customer experience of suborbital Spaceflights;

Familiarise participants with the sensations associated with the Spaceflight environment;

Impart expert knowledge of the physical, physiological and psychological effects of the extreme Spaceflight environment of relevance to potential Space tourists, whether they subsequently choose to fly into Space, or not;

Three defined training models will be an introduction to the physical stresses associated with Spaceflight:

Instruction and practical experience of ‘G’ acceleration, in Desdemona NG;

Instruction and practical experience of the effects of exposure to a high altitude, low pressure, low oxygen environment in our Hypobaric Chamber;

Spatial disorientation in Desdemona.

Though SFA Aero’s Spaceflight training programme will provide a level of preparedness for future Space tourists, it will also cater for clients who want to test their personal thresholds before committing to flight, or who wish to experience the physical sensations of Spaceflight without venturing into Space.